Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1st Date

As they usually go....this one was an 8 out of 10.

I like this guy.....
But I'm still stuck on the "oh shit, you like me...." part of it all.

He's gorgeous with dark smooth skin, small ("tiny") slanted eyes,
prominent nose. And nice full lips. His skin is soft and smooth. His
bald head is like a baby's bottom.

He was very complimenting of me. We had great conversation. There was no
nervousness on his part. He drove like a normal person. He was very much
in control. That's what I loved...that he knew exactly what he was
doing. I was put so much at ease that I didn't even have to think about
being the dominant person.

We saw Jumper and it was an awesome movie. We left and went to his
house to watch Sex and the City. (I know it's only a first date but I've
known him for 8 years.) We cuddled on the couch. I was so comfortable, I
wanted to fall asleep. He was so warm.

He drove me home and I was thinking..."oh Lawd..the end of the night
kiss." He mase it easy. He was like..."Yes, time for my kiss on my

I was cheesing when I got in the door.

I forgot how to play this...I don't remember the rules and he's making
me think its not really a game.

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