Friday, February 1, 2008


I saw her and immediately knew who she was, the memory flashing before
my eyes as if it were yesterday.

"Jack," she ran up to him, "you want me to run with her?"


"The fat one. You want me to run with the fat girl?"

Certainly, I hadn't heard correctly. For this was her first day on the
track team and she would try harder to make a good impression.

Especially since I could run 200m in 26 seconds.

The entire team stopped and looked at me, my face flushed with both
anger and embarassment. Imagine there being a pink elephant in the room
and you're the elephant.

Before I could say anything, Avy came to my defense.

"Don't call her that. That's rude and disrespectful."

Jack concurred, "We don't call our teammates names."

"I'm sorry," she said half-heartedly, "I didn't know her name."

"Ni-na. Simple enough, right?" I said with as much venom as I could
muster grinding my teeth, my fists balled tightly.

I envisioned the first blow hitting her sqaure in the jaw. I knew we had
cups of ice for shin splints and I knew I wouldn't feel bad afterwards.

Avy saw the intent in my eyes as I walked up on my potential victim. She
intercepted and hugged me.

"Don't ever even cross my path. Avy saved you this time but I will
surely beat your ass the next time."

I blinked and I saw the girl sitting in front of me. She looked harmless
but words kill more people than bullets.

I shrugged it off as I turned up the volume on my iPod. She wasn't worth
it then and certainly not now.


tAnYeTTa said...

OK!!!!!--***If I don't stop, I will surely catch a case.***

Mr. man has NO idea what's in store for him. LOL

p.s. I really hope he brings flowers.That would be really sweet.

E said...

damn, that's crazy. reminds me of a time a boy called me scarface. im glad u kept cool. not that im surprised, ur cool as a cucumber lol. that was corny :D

Nina said...

"cool as a cucumber"...i say that all the time...uh oh

TrinaBeingTrina said...

You are better than me I might have said something to her but you definitely did the right thing.

On another note... I know what you mean about the sexual harasment. There is a Dr. I work with and I am ALWAYS flirting with him. As hard as I can. I would definitely rape him if I had half the chance. BUT you should be careful about dealing with someone you work with. I see it all the time. If it doesn't work out things can get ugly. But anyway good luck with getting them flowers!

Jenny said...'re surely better than me might've saw me on the evening news.