Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Roaring 20s!

Yesterday, I decided to call out from work and enjoy a day with BFF. Around 2pm, we decided to go for a drive in my mom's car. The first sign that should've told us not to go through with it was hen we tried to turn it on and it wouldn't go. BFF apparently left the lights on all day and the battery had died. We put the car in neutral and rolled it out of the driveway to our neighbors so that they could give us a jump.

We were on our way.

We were talking gaily when we approached the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Literally, the middle of the bridge in the middle lane. The thermometer for the car shot straight up. Steam was rising from the engine.
We didn't know if it was because it was a little rainy and the water was hitting the hot exterior of the car. I looked around, I didn't see steam rising from anyone else's car.

BFF freaked out.

"We have to stop the car right now," she said. "This happened to me while I was in Vegas. Turns out there was something burning on the engine. We stopped the car, put it in neutral and pushed it to a mechanic. He said if we hadn't stopped the car, it would've caught on fire and exploded."

We called my mom.

"Why did you take my car!!" she repeated over and over.

"I know. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. What do we do now?"

We were scared. Cars were whizzing by.People were honking. No one was stopping to help.

"We're gonna call 9-1-1."

"No, you're not! You're going to sit there and wait for the engine to cool down." I felt like she was sentencing me to go to my room..I was waiting for her to tell me I was grounded.

We hung up with her. BFF called 9-1-1.

A good Samaritan helped us. He told us there was a hole in a hose and anti-freeze was leaking onto the engine. Traffic cops came, highway patrol, and FDNY all came at the same time. I was half-relieved, half-frightened they would lock us up for Grand Theft Auto.

A picture of myself behind bars in an orange jumpsuit flashed before my eyes.

Everyone's attitude was that of amusement. Here are these two girls stuck in the middle of the bridge. Ok, I would take that instead of someone flashing handcuffs. A tow truck came.

We called my mom again.

"We have to tow the car. It's no way we can drive it."

"No. You're gonna drive it to my job and leave it."

"Where's your registration?"

"Why are you asking me these stupid questions? "

"The tow guy needs to know."

"Well, he wouldn't need to know if you left my car where it was. You guys are going to pay for this," she screeched.

I hung up on her. I couldn't deal with her at that second.

The tow guy was going literally 15 mph. We ended up paying $110. She came to the mechanic's told him to fix whatever is wrong at whatever cost, stormed out, and left me a scathing message on my voicemail.

I joked with BFF saying, I waited to my 20s to give my mother grief.

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