Saturday, February 9, 2008

Voices in the Hall

Another night where I had 2 hours of sleep (barely) and went to work the
next day.

I think sleep-deprivation is getting to me. I'm freaking mmmooooody!

In addition, my iPod must've been on all day and by the time I reached
the train and didn't want to hear anything from was dead.

Did I mention, I hate to hear people talking?

Ever since I started working at CC about 4 years ago, I hate when people
are having conversation around me.

I hear conversations all day. I talk to people all day. At the end of
it, I like to listen to my own voice. Its hard to be in your own
thoughts when there are two meatheads across from you discussing Wii vs
PS3 or the tourists speaking whatver and asking a million questions.

Did I mention I hate questions?

People ask me questions all day long. So annoying.
People call my name all day long.

Ugh! I hate to hear my name called. Don't even call my name in bed. Just
takes me back to my mom calling my name every 5 minutes from the front
of the house to the back of the house to pick up a sock I dropped or to
go to the store or to do some shit I thought unfairly interrupted my
life. To hear my name called now, in a professional setting, usually
means the same.

Maybe I'm being irrational. For sure, I am.
I expect to live in one of the biggest cities and I expect silence on
the train. I hate people looking in my face. I loathe staring.

Maybe I should get a car....

On second thought, I'm disoriented. I'm not entirely sure of what day it

Maybe I should work on sleeping more.


TrinaBeingTrina said...

Why aren't you sleeping? Maybe you should talk to your Dr. because sleep deprivation ain't nothing nice.

And maybe getting a car is not a bad idea. I know that when I'm in my car on my way to work and I'm listening to my favorite music that sets my mood for work. You need that solitude before you start dealing with annoying people.

jirzygurl said...

sleep is good... even if you have to take a day off to do so... make sure you get some!

Jane said...

Girl... I understand the folks-calling-your-name issue...
I work in "telemarketing" (not in the call your house asking you to buy crap way that most people think of telemarketing) but I make and take over 200 calls a day at work once I get home I can't stand when I hear the phone ring... matter fact I turn all my ringers off until about 11...EVERY one knows there better text me if they need to get at me.... I feel your pain me.