Thursday, February 7, 2008


After a long day, I reallyjust wanted to hear Maxwell on my iPod on the
way home. I couldn't do that. In the front of the bus, there was a
toddler who screeched at the top of his healthy lungs every 2 minutes.
At the back of the bus, 2 young girl yelling at each other, I think they
called it a conversation. My head pounded. I grit my teeth, hoping
they'd get off shortly.

The young girls did. The toddler went on strong until 5 minutes before
it was time for me to get off.

I wanted to ask the mother to quiet him. I know it was a child. Is that
wrong? I bet she was immune to it, but to the childless...should I have
to endure it? I'm really about to fix a drink and call it a

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Jane said...

AS a mother, you must know that the mom was prolly completely embarassed. She prolly beat the kid as soon as she got to an area where no one could see. Naw just kidding..

But, when my daughter was two she went through a SCREECHING stage. She would, for no reason at all yell at the top of her lungs...she was experimenting trying to see how I'd respond.

There were times I'd give her the eye and she'd do it again. I didn't want to hit her in public for fear of being ratted on by the non-spanking police.

It's difficult. If it was a White chic or a Mexican gal...I'dve said something. But if is was a Black lady I'd've did the "youknow you trippin right?" face and kept it know black girls crazy..