Monday, February 25, 2008

You Like Me?

We were honor students. The elite group of students who were selected no
to have a life for 4 years and most of us lived up to the challenge and
then some....

I was of the pro-black set, comprising of me, Marley, and a couple of
teachers. He was a loner. We interacted because we saw each other 5 days
out of the week for 4 years. I thought I was of little consequence to
him. We both graduated, again with honors and went off to college. There
were birthday wishes exchanged and not much more. He grew out of his
shell. I permed my hair and loosened up a bit.

He e-mailed me out of the blue.

"I just graduated from SUNY Albany. I'm home...are you?"

We e-mailed back and forth and I thought I caught a hint of a
flirtation. I dismissed it.

I saw him online and instant messaged him.

Boy was I wrong. He admitted he thought I was beautiful way back in high
school and admired me for being different from the other girls. He
inquired about my love life. I told him I was going through a bit of a
drought. He said., "Well I'm the man to end your dorught."

I was speechless.

I swear if we'd been face to face, my jaw would've been on the ground. .

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