Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm in Love!

With Brock. He's a gay friend of a friend. He's from Boston and he
finally came up and he's so adorable. Plus, he's more of a gentleman
than any other man I've encountered. He held my hand as we walked, he
helped me up and down stairs, maneuvered me through crowded streets, and
tried to make me drink this nasty vitamin water because I'm kind of
sick. I told hom I wish I could shrink him keep him in my purse or have
him stay with me. He's so awesome. He made me remember what a real
gentleman is. We talked all night about his boy troubles, my boy
troubles until 4 am.


He wasn't totally perfect. He slept wild and I awoke to an arm across my
chest or a knee on my knee. But, he's so made him even
more endearing.

Alas, he had to leave, but having him stay with me even for the few
hours was what I needed.....I think.

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