Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goings On:Snapshots of the Past Few Days

Five ladies drove along jamming to the radio, unsure of where they were
going, seeking adventure and Philadelphia.

"I'm nervous," LP said.

"Relax," replied Nina, "you have your girl-posse. I'm your supreme-O
navigator. We're good"

We found all we were looking for. Adventure, Philadelphia, and delicious


I walked into work, a disgruntled e-mail from Roger. He was upset I
called out of work on Sunday. I was doing him a favor. I called out the
day before, but he didn't get the message. He'd been talking serious
shit. Serious lies. Now, I have to deal with it in a professional manner
when I really want to kick his ass.


I walked up the driveway, the snow quickly growing. I placed down my
bags and immediately called my mom.

"We need to start shoveling before the rain comes," I said.

"The boiler and the furnace went out, meaning no heat or hot water and I
found out my oldest sister has cancer," she began to cry.

"I'm coming now."

I was downstairs in no-time flat. Comforted and consoled her. Made her
laugh. Told her the old lady aint going nowhere soon.

We shoveled.

My back was on fire.

She said she was thankful for me. She wouldn't know what to do without

Pretty eventful stuff.
Stay Fab!


E said... came to philly and didnt tell me?!? lol hope you had fun. and im glad you and your mom had that moment together. i hope her sister is okay. unfortunately i know what it's like to hear news like that, it's tough. good thing you were there to comfort her :)

Anonymous said...

This is very insightful, very powerful and very moving too.

It's good to read about other people living in this city, surviving in it.

Hey, I hope all is well in your life, sister.


Nina said...


Oh my gosh! You are soo talented. I have so much respect for you. I hope you know that. You should blog again(no pressure).

I'll update this blog soon...