Friday, February 1, 2008

A Case for Sexual Harrassment

I am so infatuated with a man at work.

He's 6"3, 210lbs of dark chocolate.

It started off so innocently. Curious glances turned to "hello" then
exchanging work frustrations, sneaky touches, and now full on sexual

I know I must stop myself.

It is a cumpulsion I can not control at all.

He won me over with his wit.
He's quick with the tongue. Funny. He makes me laugh at least once a

I look forward to seeing him.

This is how I know its bad. I know he comes in to work between 12:30 and
3, so I make sure my hair is brushed, my make-up is on point, and I'm

I. Can't. Stop.

Today, I flat out told him I'd rape him. He said he wouldn't mind. If I
thought I was strong enough. I told him I'm a little woman with a lot of
heart. We both laughed.

He has no idea how serious I am.

I told him I want flowers for my birthday on Monday. He said he'd work
on it. I'd be so stoked if he actually got me flowers. :oD

I'm trying not to expect anything. Not even anything. I like the
attention. I like getting up and looking forward to seeing someone. I
like knowing that there is someone out there who likes me.

He mentioned not messing with someone at work. But, I'm hoping I could
persuade him to see it my way. My entire life is compartmentalized.

But, I need to stop. I know I'm just hot in the pants since I haven't
been kissed. I haven't been caressed. I haven't been touched the way I
need to be since August. How sad is that?

If I don't stop, I will surely catch a case.

But, oh lawd, the things I would do to that man!


E said...

i hope he sees it ur way. seems like u both have good chemistry. im always optimistic about these kinds of situations, but i think i see the beginning of a beautiful relationship lol. codename: darkchocolate better come through with them flowers if he knows what's good for him.

LH said...

You can't rape the willing. A woman came at me that way when I was in college and got wrecked!!! In a good way, of course.