Thursday, September 25, 2008


I admit it.

The flesh is weak and the mind remembers what it wants to. Mine remembered that it has been months since I last enjoyed the touch of man and I need some McLovin STAT.


And 7pm, when Blair text me "Hello, how are you?"

I felt a flutter. And yes, I wanted to and yes we did.

Even though I got 4 hours of sleep the previous night and I will not get a decent night's sleep until Saturday night, I crept over to his house. Excitement and nervousness in my belly, wondering if it would be better or worse than it was before. Because, I've been so safe with myself.

And, I thought, better to be reckless in my 20s, seemingly carefree than whorish in my 30s, seemingly sad.

And, yes, it had everything to do with the words I whispered to myself yesterday morning, "I'm lonely."

Gi told me not to do it. She thought I was settling.

BFF said to go for it. Since her vow of celibacy 3 weeks ago, she's trying to live vicariously through me.

And so, at 11:40pm, he sent a text. Come now.

I did.

Hoping I really was holding out for the good stuff. He opened the door in his boxer briefs and wife beater - a chocolate god. He pulled me close and hugged me.

"I missed you," he whispered in my ear.

I acted like I didn't hear.

"You know the way, miss"
He grabbed my butt....."Mmmmmmmm"

His house smelled like mango-cinnamon. It was a different but nice concoction.

We got to his bedroom. I forgot how OCD clean he is.
He put on Lloyd's cd.

I sat on the bed. Take off that sweater. I obliged. He kissed me, taking off my shirt. (Why so many layers?)

"You lost weight?"

I laughed.

He undressed laying next to me. He patted the space next to him.

"Kiss me"

I leaned over and kissed him softly.

He un-hooked my bra.

"Sneaky..." I laughed.

He didn't say a word.

He got up, took off his clothes and hovered over me.


"I almost forgot how beautiful you are."

He kissed me deeply and pulled of my lacy boyshorts.
"I like," he said.
He sucked on my breasts and bit the nipple.


"Rub my dick on your clit."

"Yes...put it inside of you."

"I'm not wet, yet"

"I have something for that..."

*insert fireworks*

Brotha put it down as he lapped at the kitty cat. He was hungry.
He penetrated me, nice and slow.

"Oh my gosh...I really missed you. Pinch my nipples babe."

And, I could tell he was telling the truth. He pulled out like 4 times.

"I don't want to cum yet," he reasoned.

We feel asleep after about 1/2 hour of twists and positions and things.
I was content.

He spooned me (my fave)

His body was on fire. His heart was thumping out of his chest.

I fell asleep. Content to finally get the good stuff..

(there was other stuff, but i can't do the blow by blow)

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poison.ivy said...

i need some sex..THANKS for reminding me!!! LOL

sounds like you had fun..that's all that matters

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we all week for fireworks lol

Chris said...

Monie said...

Heh! Nice.