Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Dating BiSexual Men

For some reason...bisexual men love me. I don't know why.

There have been a few instances where I really thought about it but never followed through.

1. I was just getting into the pageants (about 3 years ago) and it was this sexy guy always talking to me. Dude was the TRUTH. A little on the shorter side, but he had a full rack of abs, the v-cut, beautifully sculpted back, humor, street sensibility, and a gorgeous smile. When he hugged me, I felt like silk.

Little did I know, he liked men, women, trannies...everything under the Sun. I saw him a year ago but he lost a lot of weight. Its either drugs or something more sinister. But, lawd...I remember!

2. Lambda. He came to NYC to dance professionally. For the first 2 years of me knowing him, I had no idea he was bi. I really just thought of him as a theatre queen...really hyper and excited about life. One night, I saw him out. He said "Nina, you are so beautiful. I would fuck the shit outta you."

This from a flamboyant gay man.

My first reaction was laughter. But, he was looking me in the eye.

"I'm serious."


"I like girls, too. I just broke up with my girlfriend. Dudes around her way didn't understand how she could be with me like that. But for real, if you ever wanna ya know one me"

*blank stare*

3. Jake! Oh I love me some Jake....he literally has 80% of what I'm looking for in my ideal mate. We have a tentative wedding date of 2/20/2020.

So...maybe that's when I'll take one up on their offer.

But when a man tells you he's can almost anticipate that's what he's going to say anyway because there's such intensity...raw sexual energy. But to compete with other chicks and dudes....

You fill in the rest.

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Young woman on a journey said...

hmm...its already scary knowing that you might not know if a dude is bisexual or not. but to know that he is and go there anyway...i don't know.

fortunately (or unfortunately) i never get the propositions. Just flamboyantly gay men saying "girl you are so fly". hmm...

but if it floats your boat...hey

Liz said...

i mean... i just don't know. i don't think i could knowingly date a bi dude.. only because it would always be on my mind. not saying that someone bi-sexual would be more or less faithful or whatever but i would always kiss him wondering if he just had a jimmy in his mouth.. ya know? lol

Nina said...


ya'll are crazy but you're speaking the truth.

besides saying that, i'm speechless.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont do it for me
bisexual = gay

Jane said...

I couldn't do it.
I would keep imagining him getting stufted. As a woman, I am unable to "stuff" him with anything...and I am otherwise unwilling to "stuff" him artifically...I'd feel insecure about would consume me...we'd end up breaking up.