Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Natural Blues

I feel like I’m in a glass case and I’m struggling to break through.

Like I’m underwater with my hands tied my back sinking…no matter how much I keep beating my head against the wall, I’ll give myself a concussion rather than create change


Young woman on a journey said...

Perhaps a change of perspective. instead of struggling, letting go. Instead of beating against the wall, be ready when the door opens. sometimes we just have to see things differently. we don't always have to create change, but we do always have to be open to it.

Eb the Celeb said...

ugh... i feel you!

Kenya Says said...

Wow-lucky you...I'm reading this like- oh...Oh...oH....OH- mmmm hmmmm...he BIT that...heeeey! lol...hopefully I get some soon or I think she might close up on me like the 2nd hole in my ear since I never put earrings in there...lol...that reminds me- I need to post something that happened to me the other day...lol