Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arrgh Moments +Jafaican + BiSexual Boys + Connolingus in the Street & Body Consciousness

Let me just say this weekend was kind of bananas....

I really needed a long weekend away from work. I feel like my nose is flat because its been held to the grindstone.

So...it was kind of run of the mill. I had to work 4 hours on Saturday. Twin owed me $100. He won his category in the ball last week and he got paid in $50 V.isa giftc.ards. So he gave me one. I took that with me to the grocery store knowing that ReluctantRoomie had left some money on the table for me.

(I haven't blogged about RR but basically: he's 19 yrs old. He's gay from Rochester. He's out here for school and he had no where to stay when school was over. He'd just landed a job. He said he could save for a month and be out. So, I said he could stay with me. Knowing how hard it is to live in NYC, I knew he would need longer than a month. I told him the 1st month would be free. After that, his contribution would be $100. His first month was over 08/15...the day of his first meaty paycheck. Yet, nothing was left for me. We had a talk. He promised he would have something for me this week. I call him RR because I don't want him living with me.)

I get up to the cash register. My items total to $54. I take off 1 thing. $49.62. I tell the cashier I have a credit card. She says she needs to see I.D. Its not in my wallet....which is another story altogether. I say I don't have it. She starts shaking her head 'no.' I try to explain. She's not hearing it. I use my debit card. It gets declined. There's a line forming behind me. The bagboy looks pissed. She calls the manager. I feel like the entire store is looking at me.


I show her the giftcard. She goes "ooooooh." I go, "That's what I was trying to tell you."

I swipe.


Also...let me interject that their system is old. It takes a good 3 minutes of waiting before it authorizes or declines.


I step to the side. The manager says, "Ay mami. No money?"

I give him a nasty look. I'm pissed.

I call my bank first. My balance is $41.XX.
I call Twin. He said he used his fine. He advises me to call the number on the back of the card.

Stupid V.isa takes a maintenance fee. So, the card was no $50. It was $47.50. I wanted to cuss someone.

I had to wait for the cashier to take care of the line. I took off 2 items...$46.75.

I swipe.


Thank Goodness!

My cheeks were burning. My neck was tingling. It was horrible.

I hail a cab with all of my bags. The fuckin cab driver saw me struggling. He didn't have the decency to help me.
He gets me to where I'm going, 5 blocks away. Charges me $7. Turns around. Starts smiling in my face.

"You cooking tonight, sweetheart?"

"Give me my change."

I struggle to get my bags out of his car.

He drives off.

My neighbor who is like 70 yrs old hears me call him an asshole.

"Ok, Nina-darling," she said in her thick Carribean accent. She chuckled...

To be continued...
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Young woman on a journey said...

notice you didn't blog about anything in the title. lol. declined cards are the worst! so embarassing.

Nina said...

i did...that was an arrgh moment! lol

Young woman on a journey said...

Oh! lol. my bad. I was just eagerly awaiting the other topics.

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah you are good... $100 a month aint nothing... if he cant afford that then uuummmmm... well you know...

but ummm... yay... he is from Rochester... that's my hometown!

Chris said...

That is so janky...you should've slapped him, for real.

Anonymous said...

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