Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend ReCap

This weekend was pretty...tame.

Friday Night
I got my hair done. You know, I don't understand beauty parlors. I called at 7 when I got off of work. I asked if she were busy and she said she had no one. She rushed me because she was thinking of going home. Fair enough.

I get there. There's one person in the chair, another under the dryer and her assistant is sewing a weave.

No Stevie.

I asked her assistant where she went.

She went out. Umm ok. She was gone for about 20 minutes. I needed to get a relaxer, my hair washed and a trim. Why not relax my hair and wash it, so I can spend the mandatory hour under the dryer, so when she comes back all she has to do is trim and flat iron my hair?

No. I wait.

This instance wasn't bad. I spent 3 hours in the salon but there have been instances where I've spent 8 hours in the salon. *sigh*

I decided to buy a small bottle opf Bacardi. $11. Do you know I got a half a block before the shit fell out of my bag and broke in half.

I woke up around 11:30. Got my nails done and a pedicure. Went shopping and spent too much money.

Decided I needed to shake my money maker.

To be continued
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