Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little More Selfish

The last post was kind of... Angry.

I make no apologies for anything I've said on this blog. Anywho, this blog is about me and not anyone else and I'm selfish as hell. So, without more energy not being spent on me...I must get back to what really matters. ;-)

I've been really slacking on all fronts. My apartment feels sticky. Its not dirty but it just feels like I have a layer of grime. I want to scrub it from top to bottom. My bedroom is a huge gob of clothes. It really signifies where I am in my life: just messy. Being the Type A personality I am...this must not persist.

But I am exhausted.

Its the same goes with my writing career. I need to write at least 10 pages a day, everyday without exception, but I haven't written so much as a creative line in months!


This ball will be over in 3 weeks. After that,I'll have a lot more space in my brain to do all I want to do.

Also, I think I want to perfect my make-up artistry. I'm going to paint my friends and put pics up. I've been really timid lately. I need to showcase my talent more. Be on the look-out! I'm about to blow uuuuuup! Lol

But no, I want to have at least 1 good chapter, typed and edited by Thanksgiving. I want to have pictures and a pricing system up by Christmas. 2009 is going to be the ish for me!

Its time to really just be more about myself and my goals. If not me, who else is really going to care?

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Liz said...

1- it's been a while since i've read your page BUT i LOVE the new layout! **SNAPS**
2- sometimes you have to be selfish. i just came to that realization last night.
3- i love me some makeup. me and one of my friends actually get together and "play makeup"!!

E said...

damn skippy, nina. i hope to read some of your other writing soon. also, love this new layout.
liz, i "play makeup" with my best friend too lol. she has all the good eyeshadows and whatnot. im just now beefing up my makeup artillery.