Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Colored Girls, When Love is not Enough

I was going to name this "Fairytale Endings," but I got inspired by Eb's blog to change the name...

Its been a hell of a ride for me and Afroman. I can truly say that I love him to death and he loves me.

Without further beating around the bush, it could only be better if I had written it myself.

What I'm trying to say is:

Afroman and I are

Still not together.

Because fairy tales are fictional stories told to children to woo them to sleep.

I've been so preoccupied with our ball that I hadn't really had time to myself at all. So, when he called on Saturday night asking if I could come hang out with him and his family, I was thrilled but exhausted. I got it together and went all the way up to 145 St. I got there at 11:30 and the party was in full swing. I was nervous about meeting his sister. I'm good with dudes, but sometimes chicks just don't like me. His sis took to me like a duck to water and we laughed and joked it up the majority of the night. Plus, it didn't hurt that I'm the queen of Taboo and our team killed it.

It was 3:45 when we left Afroman's brother's house. I was not going home by myself. Afroman, ever the gentleman, offered to come with me. We got to my house and started watching a movie. He was kissing my forehead, rubbing my leg telling me how beautiful I am. I got up. I know AM, I know what the look in eye meant.

I was straightening up (see last post about my house....eek) and he came up behind me. He was ummm...poking me and kissing me on my neck. He grabbed me and turned me around and kissed me. We went to my bedroom. He took off my shorts. He rubbed me. I can't see 'em but I like these panties.

They're pink lacy boyshorts. I laughed.

He hovered on top of me kissing me deeply. His hands wandering all over. You're so soft. He nuzzled his head in my neck. He took off my shirt. He kissed my breasts. He licked down my stomach and worked his way down. He pulled off my underwear. He grabbed my ass. He licked and sucked at my clit.

He buried 2 fingers inside. He kissed my labia. He remembered all the things I liked.

I pulled him up and he plowed inside of me. Kissing all over me.

I missed you.

Ummm...deja vu?

He pinched my nipples and kissed my lips.

Then....he went limp.

Must be the drinks, he said.

I turned him over and kissed his member. I slid my tongue up and down his shaft and in one swift movement I put the whole thing in and let his cock hit the back of my throat.

He moaned. His favorite move.

I moved my head up and down in slow motion, just the way he liked it until he pulled me up.

I'm gonna fuck you from behind.

We quickly switched positions and he slapped my ass as my head banged against the wall.

Back up before I get a concussion.

He was pounding fast and furious. He kissed my back as he smacked my ass and grabbed it with both hands. He pushed my head into the bed and went deeper.

He pushed me down into missionary and threw one of my legs over his shoulder. It was intense. I was loving it. I could tell he was in the zone when he moaned loudly and pulled out.

He was breathing hard and didn't say a word. I sat up.

Did you cum?

Yes, I did. I'm sorry.

I didn't say a word....

To be continued....
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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i love to plow a woman

and i loved the play this post title referenced

E said...

hot damn! and conversely, oh shit.

Jane said...

hot hot hot....

Eb the Celeb said...

girl you done got me all hot and bothered over here and I aint got no boo to put that thang on.... hmmppf

Monie said...

LOL! I feel bad for anyone reading this who ain't getting none. Damn!