Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catch-Up Pt. Deux

Clearly, Punjabi didn't listen.

Anyway, he goes home laaate to an angry woman. Why was she angry? Well, because he told her that he went to a club in Queens. So, she went to all the clubs he could possibly have gone to looking for him. Obviously,he wasn't there. To make matters worse, when he was helping BFF up to her place, she got make-up all over his shirt. She told him to put the shirt in his trunk. No, he puts the shirt in the hamper as soon as he gets home. She finds it. She goes off and leaves.


Honestly, this weekend belonged to BFF. Friday - Sunday, all BFF, all the time...lol
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Kofi Conde said...

I was thinking recently that we go through our days, we see random people and never know what kind of individual drama they are dealing with.

Young woman on a journey said...

do you blame his wife for being dramatic? i mean, i guess she knows what she's in for too so you can't feel too sorry for her.

like i said in the last post, you are a really good friend. i hope she can be just as a good a friend to you as well.