Friday, September 4, 2009

What Men Think About Women, Women Think About Men and The Truth

The last time I saw him, the wind knipped at us as we struggled against the change of seasons to get in some small talk. I couldn't hide my excitement for him. It had been a while. J was dropping me off at home. He was leaving from seeing his mother. It was a chance meeting, one of those coincidences for which you are ever so thankful.

He'd put on weight, a beard. When did he become a man? I guess at the same time I became a woman. Seemingly overnight, what had taken years to transpire seemed to have blossom. He was sexy.

He had to go and I was about catch frostbite. I gave him my number and he promised to call. I was geeked.

"Damn, bitch, that's my type," J said to me as I got back into the car. I was eager to hear from him.

He never called.

I'd speak to his mother and she would tell me how he would ask about me. He would tell her how he would wife me. I told her I wouldn't believe her anymore. Not unless he would call me.

He still never called.

She told me he kept coming by to see me and I would never be home.
Can this man call me please!?! Sheesh! (Lol)

Monday, she told me he would be over on Thursday. Excited, I thought about what I would say, wear, think, feel. Thursday came and he never came by.

Today, I woke up, showered, threw on clothes and ran out the door. I realized it was a bit too hot for jeans and as I walked back to my house, I saw her.

"Stand right there," she said. She ran into the house and he walked out.

Black shirt, blue jeans, sexy.
It was....awkward.

There was so much I wanted to say. He was conflicted. I could see. He needed to keep an eye on his mother. He wanted to talk to me.

The first thing he said, "How is that dude in the RX8?"

I laughed, "That's what kind of car that is?"

He threw me off guard.

"That's my friend." I gave him a weird look. He dismissed it. We talked for a short time. I took his number.

"So, you have my number now. Are you going to use it?"

"Yes and now you have mine. I just text you so you need to use it. If not, I'm going to beat you up and trust me, you'll like it."

"Is that an invitation?"


"Do you know what I'm talking about?"

I laughed.

"How old are you?"


"I'm 23. I'm not a child. I know what I'm saying."

I went into my apartment. He stood there staring at me. I played it off like I didn't see.

When I got inside, I did the craziest spazstic was hilarious.

Thinking about it later, maybe I was a bit forward. I'm going to give him the name Martian. Martian doesn't know...I will tear him apart. Limb by

Idk, what do ya'll think? Was I too forward? I want a relationship!
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neemie said...

it's ok to be forward as long as you don't appear desperate.

Young woman on a journey said...

you weren't too forward. forward or desperate would have been you asking about him rather than him asking about you. i was reading this and getting excited for you! lol. smiles on the inside!

Kenya said...

Doing some blog scanning-- I agree- it's ok to be forward as long as you don't appear to be desperate. I also got excited for you- my stomach clinched up a bit but then I released and smiled lol