Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's Play Catch-Up

Life is really hectic lately...but let me try and do some updates...

Friday, BFF had a get-together for her birthday. It was supposed to be different flavors of mojitos, Karaoke, and good friends.

It turned out being us (me, her and 2 other people) watching Public Enemies on umm-dvd- flavored mojitos and her other not showing up til 11:45pm.

The actual day of her birth, Punjabi was going to take her out on a boat but the passing storm ix-nayed that idea. She wanted sushi from an upscale restaurant. Originally, they were supposed to leave at 7. He made reservations for 8. Transforming Trina was taking longer than usual. She told him at 6pm (!!!) that she wouldn't be ready til 8. He never changed the reservations because he thought she would still be ready at 7. Yea, I'm not seeing the logic there either but she looked stunning! I clean up her apartment a bit and go home.

»»» FFWD
The whole day was spent waiting on BFF hand and foot really. Helping her shop for a cute purse-shoe-necklace combo, going through her clothes for an outfit, doing make-up, etc. I was beat. I hit the sheets at around 10:30 in the midst of my REM sleep, around 3:20am, the phone jolts me awake.
Its Punabi.

*frog in the throat* "Hello"
"Hey Nina, are you awake?"
*annoyed* "No, what's wrong?"
"Trina's sick. Too much to drink. "Can you come over and take care of her?"
"Be there in 5minutes."

I was up, dressed and outside just as he pulled up.

The ride over, he's nervous. He knows I hate him.

"I told you to take care of my girl. What happened?"
"I think it was something she ate. She threw up as we left the club, downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom. I tried to clean it up as much as could. You should go behind me and clean again." *as he's doing 90mph on residential roads.
"Trina's throwing up that much?? Omg...I'm scared."
"Don't be. People eat bad food and they drink and throw up. Simple."

I wanted to give him a tongue-lashing but I just ice-grilled him. As I jerk with every stop and go...is this why BFF was sick in the first place?

I get there, I clean up behind him. Its not that bad...he did the hardest part - getting her up the stairs. BFF is 120lbs but dead weight going up 3 flights of stairs - noooooot cool. Lol. She's still in her dress and make-up laying on her couch with a comforter over her.

*slurred speech* "Oh thank you for coming. I love you. I really do!"

I get her bread and water. She tells me in her groggy slurred speech what really happened. Because the next table wouldn't be available til 11 at the original restaurant, they went to a different restaurant. The food and drinks there were overpriced and they were disappointed.

Punjabi took her to this club he researched. Pacha...
Now, if you're gay and from NYC, you KNOW Pacha is gay club here. It was the hot spot last summer. This summer, not so much. I know this because I'm a big hag. Lol. They don't know this because they're clueless. They kind of got the clue when only dudes were there and it was relatively empty.

They left and she had a choice...Queens club or NYC club. She wanted to go to Queens but he was like, "We're close to Duvet (NYC) let's go there."

They go and as they're standing on on line, he has to make his phone call to his woman. (Ugh!) A group of dudes in a car hit on her. She resists. They call her a bitch and drive off. The line is ridiculously long and it starts to rain. They were standing in the rain for a while and the bouncer tells them if they buy bottle service, they can skip the line.

A bottle is $400-$450. Its for a bottle they can get in a liquor store for 10% of what the club charges.


She tells him the last time she had Grey Goose was the last 2 times she ended up with her head in
a toilet and she didn't want to revisit that.

To be continued...
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Young woman on a journey said...

hmm...i don't like punjab either. but i guess she knows what she's in for so its not all his fault.

you are a GREAT friend! more people should be as good a friend as you are.