Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smoke then Fire, Pt. 2

So....I get a phone call and its Diva.
She tells me that for a shoot we did 2 weeks ago, we were supposed to be paid $200. The director told us the girl lost her job and could only pay $400. He gave us $70 each, paid the photographer $100 and took $100. Come to find out...she really paid $600. He took $300!!! What did he do for $300, you ask? Well, he ate food, tried to sneak a peek of the model in her underwear, and made random comments....

I'm so pissed, I start cussing in the streets. How dare he?!

Then, the photographer he works with says oh...he's looking to get a new team because we are a bunch of bitches and he can get artists that look better and do better work.

I told Diva...I feel like decking dude in his jaw. She was like...Damn Ni, you're the quiet storm. He looks at me like I'm loud and at the stylist like she's emotional. You seem like the passive one but you're not. I peeped you. You're the type to scheme revenge.



I'm just would've been an extra $130 in my pocket! $130 that I stood on my feet and laboured for in the heat.

She was like, "Nah, Nina, we can't worry about it. He's gonna get his. God don't take too kindly with anyone messing with his babies!"

In this industry, reputation is everything. He tarnished his...early!
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Trish said...

I swear people are always trying to get over.