Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say Hello....

To Nina 2.0. YW said in a comment on a previous post. I'm changing as a person...yup! This change is a good one I think. I've been less aggressive than I should be because a lot of the people I've been around are older than me and have been in the industry longer. Eff that! I'm just as talented. No one's going to steam roll over me. Just like no one is going to put food in my fridge but me.

Certain days, its like I have a second wind. Between last night and as of right now, I have a contract, model release, labels for my jars, brochures to accompany said jars, a clear business plan for the next couple of months and a brand new way to spin my services. I also put my toe in the back of this shoot director...he has ooohhh...til Wednesday before I put my whole foot in his ass.

I'm really doing this and riding it until the wheels fall off!

On that note. I leave you with this:

As my favorite rapper, Jay Z once said...

"They see me as a premie but I'm not and my nuts big. I'm not to be fucked with!"

"I make no apologies. Crooked policies. So a G, a n***a gotta be...One day you're up. Next day your down. As long as you stay the same, it'll come back around...Oh alright alright... It may not be what you call perfect but its my life. So if ya'll hear my plight. Think you can make it this far without a couple mistakes not always right but I'm always real that's how I sleep at night! Oh alright alright... It may not be what you call perfect but its my life, my life, my life."

"Say hello to the bad guy...I ain't playing. Life's short so I aim....You can't complain about what they ain't gonna get ya. They ain't gonna get shit....You gotta get up, get out and get something n***a. Get a job, n***a"

And they say rap music is vapid, lol.
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Trish said...

Yay!! It's how you have to be, people will do to us what we let them!

Anonymous said...

You have to teach/train people how to treat you. That's the truth!

Essequibo said...

You know it's serious business when you start quoting Jay - get it.