Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the one who walked away

I cried for you
when I found out that
she was pregnant
although it had been 2 years since
we were together
i remember thoughts and
feelings of knowing
you would be my eternal lover

i'm a virgin
at least that's what
i tell my mother

and now you are the father
to another
woman's child

and all i have are memories

i sip the wine of out past dalliances
in rememberance of you

i wish i did not know
the feeling of a heart breaking
in two.

as i reconcile the fact
that once and for all
i've lost you

i pray for divine cpr
resuscitate in my
oh Lord
the desire to love again
the will the patience
to let another in

to no longer waste teardrops
on the one who walked away

1 comment:

StarrBURST! said...

I can SO relate to this right now. OMG!!!!!!!