Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Glimmer

Today, the guy that's doing the logo for my business contacted me out of the blue. Lately, its been all business, so I thought he was contacting me to say...maybe that my joint was ready. Nope.

He was like...What's going on?

I was thinking.."Damn, I need to work to pay this guy. I haven't had any photo shoots this week."

As soon as the thought came, the phone rang.

Diva was on the line. Diva is the hair stylist I work with on the magazine. She's Diva because she wears crazy weaves and her personality is larger than life.

"Listen, know I do amazing make-up but I need you to do this girl for me today. Her make-up artist canceled on her last minute. I think she's going to pay you $50 for an hour's worth of work."

It was decent. The shoot is at 12. It was 10:30. I live 30 minutes away from the studio the shoot was taking place at.

Mooooonkey balls!

And I wasn't showered.

When I tell you I got it together in the speed of light!

I got to the studio at 11:55. I call her. She wasn't there.

Let's just cut the boring part. I didn't get picked up til 1:30.

I'm used to it. Just mad that I threw my stuff in my kit when obviously, I could've taken my time...I like order.

Yadda yadda....she doesn't have any base make-up. She bought CoverGirl make-up in tan. Let me say this..the girl was a light skinned black girl. Whyyyyyyyyyy would you buy anything in tan. Honey, that stuff is not for us! I had to mix and match some stuff. There was a slight diff between her face and body. But the rest of the make-up was flawless. She raved about it! She loved it! Everyone on the team likes me.

Blah blah blah....
Its time for me to leave. I'm like...okay, gotta go...great working with you....she's like, yea, thank you soo much!

Umm, no money was exchanged.


Umm, yea.

She calls me later to thank me. No talk of money. So either, she lied to Diva or Diva lied to me. I doubt Diva would lie to me. She's up front and we do a LOT of work together. She wouldn't jeopardize that.

So, yea....can't wait for the pictures.

Let's just say from now on, I will have a contract pre-drawn with my rates so that I don't get stiffed again...

Did I mention I had $10 today. Now, I have $7 til Friday?! Jesus be a chicken wing because this starving artist thing is real!
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Young woman on a journey said...

this makes me sad. you need to make this money exchange thing more clear. quite honestly, you are in no position to be working for free and this is not cool.

okay, enough of the lectures. can't wait for the pictuers.

Kofi Conde said...

That's grindin, sister. It will be all worth it in the final analysis - but I do support the pre-drawn contract. Lol.

Trish said...

I hate having to ask people for money too but you were entitled and she owes you.

Anonymous said...

Enough of the dumb stuff. That heifer knew she was suppose to pay you for your service. Anytime you perform a service for someone, NEVER be ashamed to TELL them "that will be..." in this case "that will be $50; cash please." The sooner you get your contract drawn with your rates, the better. However, people will still try to clown you with a contract. Be direct and outspoken and tell people what your fee is upfront. Tell them to pay first and you won't waste your time nor supplies.