Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smoke then Fire

I have an anger inside of me that I'm trying to control. Its hard. I want to smash a couple of people's faces in.

#1. Yesterday, my friend showed at a gallery. It was a benefit for a photographer who is losing her sight due to a rare blood disease.

I should've known it wasn't for me. As I walked into the elevator to go up to the space, a woman was on the elevator with some crazy lashes. She had on a long dress with a fishnet stripe going around it. She wasn't wearing any underwear and you could see her flat butt. It was disturbing. She was nice though. So, I go up and my friend is a painter and jewelry designer. She had her pieces out on a table and her paintings on the wall. Gorgeous pieces. There were 3 seats next to where she was showing. A rude man who had a European accent and was druuuuuunk like a skunk was sitting there. He had shaggy black hair that looked greasy, smudged black eyeliner, tight black shirt, vest, with a bunch of silver chains, tight black skinny jeans, gold peep-toe pumps, and Fendi purse. Ummm....ookay!

J was sitting down next to him. I saw the guy say something and walk away. I asked J what that was about. He said the guy said to him:

Guy:"How are you?"
J: "I'm good and you?"
Guy: Drunk and horny.
J: "Sorry to hear that. I've been there before.
Guy: "Well, my boyfriend is on his way. In the meantime, I have to use the bathroom. What's the chances of me leaving my bag here with all my money in it while a black man is sitting here and I come back and its still here?"
J: "Don't worry. It will still be here when you come back. Not all black men are thieves."
Guy: "Well, if you're still here when I get back, I want a tongue kiss"

J is so unbothered by most things and so calm. Hilarity.

The guy comes back.

"Oh, I guess you were right. Give me a kiss."

J gives him a kiss on the cheek, the gut moves his face and tries to catch J on the lips and then tries to stick his tongue in his mouth.


He hits my arm really hard.

"Hey, I wanna tell you something!"

I want to walk away. If he said some racial ish, it would've been a problem.

»»»Fast Forward

Someone steals one of my friend's jewelry pieces. This random girl standing around in not so many words insinuates its me.

Why? Because when she told me it was stolen, I didn't react. I really wasn't surprised. It was a nice piece and the price tag was $600. No one that she knew was around when it was stolen.

I asked her if she asked the drunk guy. She said oh, I doubt he stole it because when I told him, he reacted.

I said, "Well reaction or no reaction. I didn't take it. XX is my friend and I'm no thief."

Mind you, in my head, I'm thinking...there were other women around. It can't just be because I didn't react. Is it possible that she's singling me out as opposed to everyone else because I'm black? I'm the only black woman besides my friend-the designer for miles. I'm like...nah...relax!

We all go outside. My friend is crying. Her boyfriend is consoling her. She's about to leave and go file a police report. The girl will not stop staring at me. I tell J, rather loudly, "Let's go. This chick keeps staring at me like I'm automatically guilty. I feel like I'm about to smash her face in. I'm not making a scene. So, let's just leave this space."

We leave and I get a phone call that pissed me off further...

To be continued....
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