Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9 and 1/2 Reasons

So, later, I'm outside and this dude...he competes in the beauty category..he's effing gorgeous! He's talking to my friend and she's like we're having babies. I was like NOOO...he said we were having babies a long time ago! Back off!

So, she goes...are you man enough to handle us?

He goes....I have a 9 1/2 inch cut...I think I'm good.

My mouth drops.

Twin goes...Please, bitch! You're so gay, you get next to a pussy and go soft.

I think the dude got offended.

I go..."Well for 9 and 1/2 inches, we'll put gay porn on the tv and go to town." I said that maaad loud.

The dude looks at me like...you said that kinda loud.

Everyone is staring at me. I'm like...what? Like you wouldn't...

My friend goes...my mouth was watering just thinking abt that shit...

Everyone laughs...

Who is this girl and what did she do with me?
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Young woman on a journey said...

um...you need to be easy before you invite something you don't really want. lol. you are becoming a different person though, might become useful when you do want it.

Trish said...

I think that you're being tempted because you're trying to abstain from men. Don't get pulled in.