Monday, August 3, 2009

A Man Will Try

Sunday afternoon, I get a text from KappaGuy.

KG:So bored with this Wat r u doing today??
Me:In bed. A rare day of relaxation. KG:Lol, me wasting the day away watching

-fluff fluff fluff-

KG: And oh yeah...I don't appreciate u exposing the womanizer song on facebook...u better stop before I come over and harass (I call him what he is...Womanizer by Britney Spears)

Me: I'm not afraid of the likes of you

KG: only 3 blocks away you'll get a

Me:Uhhh no! You don't get those priviledges.

KG:Lol...damn...not even if I promise to lick whip cream of of it first??? Lol.

Me: I'm sure you have plenty of umm...contestants for that game show.

KG: I don't...u always say that but it's not true...smh.

Me: Say what you want...I know the

KG: Lol, I give kill my hopes and dreams...all of my high school fatacies gone to waste... :(

(Dude: FANTASIES???)

Me: You could always put a ring on it, lol.

KG: Lol, stop lying...u kno u don't want me too...smh.

Me:You're a good catch if you would allow yourself to be caught. But you don't want to hear that from me

KG: Lol...and im caught by seduction...u know how I

Me: There you go. End of this conversation. Just that quickly..tisk tisk

KG: Lmao...I was telling u that's wat normaly happens to me, it's the So wat r u doing?? Im watching The Incredibles on the disney channel...super bored

(I have a problem with people telling me they're a damn book!)

Me: Seduction is lust and it doesn't last. Perhaps you should try something else. But what do I know? I'm Wanna go for a walk?

KG: Where to??

Me: Wherever we end up, lol...let's have a real conversation and let our feet do the

KG: Ok doing my laundry right now tho...hopefully I won't take too long...ill call u up if it's not too late....

Me: I need to throw something on anyway

(This was at 5:45pm)

At 7:15, I sent a text saying I was dressed.

At 7:45, I called him.

At 7:58:
KG:My bad I had to head downtown for a minute, im gonna call u right back worries...its getting cold. I think I'm in for the night.

And then I turned my phone off.
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Young woman on a journey said...

shady. i bet if you invited him over it would have been a different story.