Monday, August 3, 2009


Was such an interesting day....

I was really discouraged. My mood was so contrary. I pushed myself to go to church. I saw this girl who I saw on Monday. She copied my make-up look and she did it wrong. And yes, I have a make-up blog where I show you how to achieve my make-up looks but that's different from blatantly copying my look and then looking me in the face and not acknowledging that you swagger-jacked me...I was annoyed. Chick didn't even speak! Ugh!

So....I was forcing myself to break out of my funk. Get out of my rude mood. Whatever. Whatever.

The minister's message was about moving forward. He was like...

"Some of you...its a hard time in your life right now. Its a hard time to follow Jesus. You have a choice: to go backwards to where you came from or go to the cross. We get discouraged and run to sex, run to weed, run to liquor, run to drugs. God wants us to run to him."

That really comforted me because I am really trying not to slap someone down.

That was the moment I decided to take a Me-Day. Call out of life for the rest of the evening. Why not? I deserved it!
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Trish said...

You truly did deserve it!! Here's to wishing you a better week!