Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snapshot: Lovers on the Train

I saw them, bodies intertwined tastefully as the tin can shook us as it transported us to our respective destinations. The look of love on their faces was undeniable. The happiness like a shroud over them, protecting them from the cold. The city's frigid nights were creeping upon us. Sometimes, they were frightening to face alone. They feared not. They had each other.

I sat in the corner watching them with part admiration, part bitterness enveloping me as I pulled my fuschia turtleneck over my neck and sneezed. No one wished me God's blessings.

He was so into her. She knew it as he watched her cross her legs. He placed an assured hand on her knee. She was his. She smiled at him as she spoke. There's something about the confidence of a woman in the presence of a man who desires her. Her head never bows, her eyes never look down unless in faux abashment.

I watched them from my corner seat of the train as the Autumn chill whirled around my head pretending I did not see. I pretended to not remember being there in the place in which they resided. I pretended to not wish for that again.

In the moment though, I saw them and they saw nothing else - no one else but each other.
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Trish said...

I miss that feeling too! But I know that eventually I will have it again and the future just makes me excited.

Kofi Conde said...

I love this.