Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bacon, eggs and Bold for breakfast

I must have had confidence shake or something. I put on my supercute
dress, knee high boots, funky hat, and the most subtle makeup and
trotted out the door to work. As the train approached, I walked past a
man who was looking my way. I glanced back. Smiled and proceeded onto
the train. He's maybe 5" 7, mahogany brown, long dreadlocks, goatee, not
skinny not built...somewhere in the middle. I thought about how dry I've
been lately and how I should date but didn't want to seem thirsty by
going into the car he was in. I told myself if it were meant to be, he'd
transfer trains the same time I did.
He did.
We did the same dance. Smiling at each other, looking down the tunnel to
see if the train was approaching.
The train comes.
We walk on at the same time.
He sat. I stood. I only had one stop.
I finally walked up to him and said....

'Are u single?'

[Kind of awkward and a little too forward]

Kind of. I'm dating but not exclusively.
[ least he's honest. Think, Nina, what do you
want........I can date around]

Sounds fine. You want my number?

You can take mine.

(I pull out my sidekick)

You have a sidekick, how old are you?
[I am stunned. I lie.]

22. You?

[Niiiice. You can teach me some thangs....aoow!]

I take it just as the train pulls into the station.

"Thank you," I say as I sashay off the train.

I haven't called him yet. Probably today. See what's the deal for the

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