Saturday, November 10, 2007

American Gangster + New Boy + Sleeping in Beds

You would think that after the wisdom tooth fiasco, I would be pooped at work. I was not.

I breezed through the day. Kinda. I didn't allow myself to stress.
When I stress, I grind my teeth. I bite down suddenly and that's not good. So.....I did my work. I was off in space, I laughed, joked, threatened.

7pm came and I wasn't plotting murders or hiding places for bodies. A
good day in my book. I got in some one on one time with McDreamy. He is the sexy nighttime manager. He laid things out on the line. He doesn't mince words as I told him of my fickle attitude towards moving from one department to the next. He said.....maybe this would be an oppurtunity for you to get something else on your resume so when you do decide to leave you have something stellar.

He's right!No one is claiming loyalties to that place and I'm glad I don't have to pretend.But, the Nina in me couldn't let me let go.I have until Monday to decide. I might decide to go to the the left.....

I spoke to Afroman. Right before the tooth drama,last night, we were doing our nighttime flirting.
I mentioned my apartment was hot, which it is, and I was going to sleep topless...which I intended to.
He said he was going to bed commando.
I had a moment of clarity.

[Let us not forget that he is living with his ex]

I asked if he sleeps by himself in his old bed.
He said....' exactly"

*horns come out. steam out the ears*
I had to stop talking to him.
So, today while I was at work, he called. He said he sleeps on a futon, but mostly, he sleeps in the bed with HER.
so not cool
I didn't ask why. I didn't say anything crazy. I just said ok and moved on to the next topic. Because, ya know, it doesn't require an explanation. At least he didn't insult my intelligence by saying they dont fuck. Afroman has never slept in my bed without us having sex. So, where I stand is clear. He's sleeping with her then he's going to come home for Thanksgiving and is planning on sleeping with me.

I'm so turned off by him right now. The boy in me says "Don't I get to cut him a break for his honesty." The woman in me says, "Eww! He's tainted now...."

I haven't had sex since the beginning of August. What to do?
Jenny ...
Neemie! Help a sista out....Much obliged.

So, that's that..moving right along....

Gi, LP, and I went to the movies to see American Gangster.It was a good movie. Almost worth the $11 Gi paid for for my ticket. THANKS! hehe
It was also a long movie. I got up to sore knees like dang. I'm 5ft and if my legs are hurting, they need to make some type of adjustments.

Denzel was delicious in the movie. He's sexy, smooth, and a gentleman.

From another point of view, it showed how the white man can't stand it when a black man is doing something for himself. Instead of showing Lucas' point of view of how he pulled himself up from the slums of North Carolina, it showed Russel Crowe taking him down.

But, I guess that's the black woman cynicsm in me.

After the movie, I still felt pretty darn good about myself. Me and my purple and green eyeshadow and my high heeled boots trotted on down to the train station, where the train came precisely 2 minutes after I stopped walking. *which is great because while the boots make me feel great on the inside. In all reality, it made my toes hurt.* I sat down and immediately made eye contact with the dude next to me. He was tall (maybe) hehe...was casual cool. Something about him was so easy.We made eye contact. I smiled. He raised his eyebrows. I smiled wider.

I pulled out my phone to (give him a signal) see what time it was.
He said..."How come my number's not in there"
I said..."It could be..." (so badass right?)

He's 30. 2 kids (2 and 12). works at a law firm and a print shop. (but he'll make time for me --- his words)Gi said leave the older ones

I left still trotting and with a smile.

This was a gold star day.

(deserving of a long post)


E said...

to the left, to the left. if opportunity comes knocking, you better let it in, lol. do what you feel is right. i would be happy to see (read about) you doing well.
about afroman, i'd be turned off too. he's sleeping with his ex and then coming down to get some from you? i'd pump my breaks on that one. listen to the woman!
$11 for a damn movie ticket? i thought $9 was bad, lol.
oh, and i agree with Gi, especially since he has a 2 and a 12 year old. baby daddies need love too, but i think you're too young to play rent-a-mom (if it goes that far). just my opinion though.

Nina said...

Thanks for your support. Umm..I don't even know what I want. I know it is getting cold and a sista needs a little something extra in the bed with her besides a stuffed teddy bear.

As for opportunity knocking...I'm scared its a Trojan horse. With this job, things look good and its really something ---extra---

With Afroman, its so hard for me to let go. I was thinking about that last're being a dumb bitch....but...who knows what will come of it! We got a Scrabble vendetta to solve.

Jenny said...

Girl... I agree with E... to the left...but that's just me being me...I've stop dating someone cause he didn't wear undershirts!

I feel nina too, it is getting kinda a little loving might be necessary... but remember that that's just what it is...don't loose yourself in it...

Anonymous said...
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