Monday, November 5, 2007


I love this city, but I feel like it is over-run with creeps and

Case and Point.
I get on the train. I'm sitting across from an older man. Everytime I
look up from writing a post on the kick, he's staring in my face. Whoa.
A little intense. I get up. Get off the train to transfer to another
train. He transfers to the same train. I stand towards the door with my
back to him. I look at my reflection in the door glass, he's staring at
me. I get off the train, I bypass the exit everyone is walking towards
and I'm walking pretty damn fast. I look back, he's right behind me.
Omg! I'm freaking out. I walk faster and I finally lose him on the



E said...

that is scary. i hope you have mace or a pocket knife or something to protect yourself. that would scare the bejesus out of me. glad you lost him though.

Jenny said...

that's pretty damn scary... you I agree u do need some mace or pepperspray