Friday, November 23, 2007

So.yea.....about Turkey Day....

So...yesterday's post was a little abreviated.

After, I wrote it, my mom called me down to get a plate. Her friend was there whom I totally love to death. She's so sweet. Here's how this went down.

Me. Hey Ladies.
Friend. Hey Nina. You look so good. Oh my gosh, look at your hair.
Me. Aww, thanks. You look good,too. How you been?
Friend. I'm good. Oh my gosh, you look so good.
Mom. Come, sit down.
Me. Sure.
Mom. **looks through my hair.** Oh, I just wanted to see how many tracks you had.
Me. *bewildered* OK.
Mom. You gained all that weight back.
Me. I had to. I lost it by not eating for a full week. It was bound to happen. Plus, it took me a while to gain it back.
Mom. No, it didn't
Friend. Oh, don't be that way. Nina looks good. She's never been skinny, but she carries herself well.
Me. Thanks Ms.Mom'sFriend. Yea, I was really really sick. I didn't eat at all. I lost so much weight. Then, I guess its back.
Mom. I'm watching a movie. Go make a plate.

***I make a plate***
**Sit down**

Mom doesn't look at me.
Why does she make me feel like I'm 16 years old again?

I leave. I come back upstairs to my apartment. I decide.


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