Monday, November 5, 2007

A Lil Morning TMI

I'm horny. Yes I've said it. I'll say it again. I'm horny. And...there's
no one to help me out because the gods of irony love fuckin with me! I
had the most amazing aim sex with Afroman. If the preview is anything
like the will be a double feature when he comes home for

It was a weird conversation actually. I asked him for tips on how to
pick up men. He gave me some good pointers. Then he asked me what I was
doing...I told him the truth - laying in bed staring at the cieling.
Then....bam! It was on. Its apparent. All you have to do is mind-fuck
me. The rest will flow. I miss him. I miss his lips, his dark smooth
skin, his presence, his morning-after eggs *wink*


E said...

can i brag and say that i got me some on friday and saturday and it was fab-tastic? lol good luck with that. i dont know if i should say i hope you get some, or say to think about it first before you go there with him.

Jenny said...

with my ex it was pancakes....aren't they the best.