Monday, November 19, 2007


I got my hair done. When I made the decision to perm my hair, I knew it
would be an inconvenience, but on Friday night I felt like I was about
to kill myself or the next person. I broke the cardinal rule. Do not get
your hair done on a Friday night. I left work early and got to the salon
at 4pm. Lets just say, I didn't get out the salon til after 10. 6
hours!!! And to make things much worse, I didn't like how my hair came

I ran a few errands and painted the accent wall (the wall where the bed
rests on) silver. Its soo cute. It more of a dark gray with a metallic
finish. I'm going to paint the rest of the walls a lavendar blush. I'm
really looking forward to it!
I took my gay daughter out to a restaurant. Initially, it was supposed
to be ice skating, but I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I got
beat up. My body was really achy. The restaurant we went to was Typhoon
on St.Marks in the East Village. Its an authentic Japanese restaurant.
It was really sad to see me handle chopsticks. Really sad.
We ate, laughed, and caught up. I feel really bad because I feel like
I've been an absentee mother but I had to get myself together.
We were having a great time together til it was time for us to wait for
her boyfriend. He had us waiting over an hour for him. He claimed he
fell asleep on the train and missed his stop.
Who the fuck can't stay awake for a 20 minute subway ride? Whatever.
He's a loser. She said it. I said it in a non-descript way. Its all
about her figuring it out for herself in a waya where she gets sick of
it and breaks up with his sorry ass. He does nothing for her. It reminds
me of my relationship with Afroman. Ugh!

I woke up feeling blah. I slept for the better part of the day. The date
with SubwayLethario didn't happen. He didn't call. I didn't call. I was
planning on leaving it alone, but the bitch in me might just call him as
he's getting off of work to cuss his ass out. No one stands me up!

He better be incarcerated, maimed, or phone-less.
If he knows what's good for him.

January 3
Is the date that I get the promotion I fought for. I can not wait!!! It
was either I get this promotion or I quit. I'm hoping the days go by
quickly. I have to train someone for my position. That's the easy part

My bosses are full of shit. They make it seem like what I do is so damn
difficult. It really is not. It pisses me off when people trump up their
job duties to make themselves feel more important. I do what I do. A
monkey could do what I do. So? You gonna fire me and hire a monkey? Be
my guest... female manager pissed me the hell off saying that I'm
hostile towards her. Mr.Phil once told me that when I'm mad...its like
the whole office can feel it because my vibrations are strong. He might
be right-O on that. I used to be better at masking my feelings. I can't

So sad.
It was a gift.

Oh well...if I think you're a dick, you deserve to know how I feel about
you through my wonderful non-verbal communication.

Oh yea....the achy body, blah feelings all equal a headcold.


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neemie said...

i want to see pictures of your new 'do. i haven't permed my hair in over a's interesting looking