Thursday, August 9, 2007

Being Hospitable

So..I was totally in like with Afroman up until Monday when I guess I
just woke up on the wrong side of the crypt. I forgot to bring his
shirts to work to bring to him and I just wanted to go home to my dirty
house, eat strawberry icecream and be by myself. But...I made a promise,
so I offered for him to come over and get his stuff. I was trying to
make light of the situation but the stick up my butt wouldn't let me. I
forgot that I was supposed to buy cat food on my way home and so when I
gt there, Gypsy was screaming her little head off looking for her bowl.
I asked Afroman if he would go and get food from the store. He said no.
I t took two more times before he said yes and then it took another 20
minutes of him just sitting there before I calmly snapped. Yes, people
calmly snap. So....I said, I want you to go home, in my sternest, I'm
pissed you wanker voice. He looked at me stunned and then complied after
I repeated my request. I've never asked him to leave ever. In fact I
always want him to stay...and then I ignored him for the rest of the
night and the next day.

It wasn't that the cat kept crying and sniffing for her bowl for those
20 minutes while I straightened up my dirty house and he sat readoing
something off of my sidekick. It was that I had a need and he didn't
meet it. That is one of the worst feelings when I feel like I always
meet his needs. When he's at my house (dirty or clean) (invited or
uninvited) he gets a meal, a drink, and sex. Am I not a good host or

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