Monday, August 20, 2007


This evening, Afroman and I were supposed to hang out. I turned down an invitation to hang out with Twin to keep already made plans to be with Afroman. Let's not even mention the porn movies on my account and my looking at the kissing scenes in movies/tv shows a little extra hard. I really need an escape from the neighbors yelling at their kids and my evil escape into some big arms that love me. kinda.

It started to rain, just as I got off of work. I called him and asked him if he could bring some chicken breast on the way over. He couldn't. He's just as broke as I am.. hmmmm....

So, I made the choice to walk 6 blocks in the rain to buy chicken.I spent 6 of the $10 I have until Friday. (forgot to buy catfood)(greeeat) I brought it home. Cooked.

and waited.

He was supposed to be here by 8.

I called at 8:30. It rang twice and went to voicemail.

10pm. I call again. No answer. I leave a stern message. subtly saying "where the heck r you!!!"

He calls back closer to 11pm. I sent you a text at 7pm. I'm not coming over.
I'm reeling in my head.

I cooked unnecessarily (I have bread, eggs, cheese, salad...good enough for me)
Inever learn my lesson it seems.
But, hey! That was my choice.

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