Thursday, August 9, 2007


In T-2 days, I will be sunning myself in South Beach, Miami, sipping on
something fruity and enjoying the sounds of the waves of the ocean
hitting the sand. Feeling the warm breeze, I will look up and enjoy the
bluest of blue skies decorated by fluffy white clouds, and I will

The only thing keeping me from my vision of happiness is:

1. A dirty house
2. I haven't packed
3. I haven't decided if I still want Charles to catsit
4. Money issues (like you didn't see that one coming)

I suppose I could clean up tonight since Gi is coming tomorrow night to
go to the airport together and there is nothing more embarassing than a
dirty house. I don't want her to look at me like...this is where u live
without the hint of jealousy that I so deserve and the act of packing is
less strenuous than the thought of what to pack and I could let bygones
be bygones with Afroman and let him catsit anyway and I could go without
something *whatever it is, since rent, phone, cable r due will hurt
regardless* and go to Miami.

We'll see.
Because I really really need blue skies and fluffy clouds right now. I
think I wouldn't even care if I had to beg on the streets of Miami to
make it happen.

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