Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Show me what ya got!

After I returned from Miami. Things weren't really great between stepmother/landlord. She called me incessantly while I was there, leaving me 12 messages (and umm..yea, I was in Miami 3 nights, 2 days). Each message went from insane to omg u didn't just say that.

So, after I got back home, I didn't bother to pick up the phone when she called or even listen to her messages.

Today, I decided to call her back after I let her phone call go to voicemail.
She started off with "What's YOUR problem?" and it ended when I finally got tired of taking the abuse and hung up on her.

I have no desire to speak to her. To try to shake her into realizing what she's putting me through.

The message she left stated that she would change my locks if I didn't return her call because I'm disrespectful of her.

My non-verbal response: Bring it on!

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