Friday, August 24, 2007

My day started off just dandy...

I got home at around 3:40 this morning to a stinky house, a cat who not only drug the mop in the middle of the living room floor where I almost fell over it and who left me poo in the bathtub (again!), dishes that are now attracting flies, a bedroom that has clothes all over, and other deliciousness. I e-mailed my boss to expect me in 3 hours later than usual and tried to fall asleep to Gypsy's incessant meows. She would meow and then walk me to her litter box as if to say change it please...its hurting MY nostrils. I finally crashed at around 4:15ish.

I woke up at around noon to the same meow-ing cat. More shit in the bathtub (I hit her this time. If that makes me a bad cat owner, I'm sorry. I'm almost out of bleach and being on ur hands and knees bleaching the bathtub the 1st thing in the morning does not bring out the sunshine in my life)I'm seriously thinking about giving her away. *sigh*

I feel like a fuckin failure.

While rushing to get out the door, I broke my favorite mirror and lost one of my favorite earrings.Just great.

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