Friday, August 24, 2007


As soon as my head hit the pillow at Twin's house the tell-tale throbbing in my two front teeth started. Oh no, its back Wisdom tooth hell. I never got the tooth pulled because I can't afford it. Life is just oh so fair that way. The pain in my mouth had me contemplating whether or not I should take a hammer or pliers to my tooth OR maybe I should slit my wrists instead.


The fucking agony!I lay writing back and forth while Twin slept semi-peacefully next to me. He has no painkillers! Can you believe it! None.I finally called a car service and booked it home. At least there, I can cry like a baby with some dignity.

In the middle of this fiasco, I see that I've missed a phone call from the stepmother in which she left a voicemail. Seems as if possibly my neighbor's been ratting me out about my guest list aka Afroman.Voicemail said:"There is a reason why you keep getting voicemails like this. If I catch Afroman leaving after the Sun rises, I will take the apartment away from you." Blah blah bullshit.Mind you, after the changing the locks conflama I really feel like giving her a good piece of my mind. Perhaps, its the only piece I have left. If anyone has any good suggestions on how to handle'd be greatly appreciated.


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