Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Saturday: got dressed up and went to a ball. Stayed out all night and went straight to work on Sunday: got into a nasty argument with a coworker who deserved it. Went home and slept long and hard.Monday: loafed around the house..hung out with Twin in Union Square. Watched el Cantante which is a good movie. Spent the night at BestFriend's.Tuesday: Invited Afroman over for a little nightcap never came. Found out my dryer doesn't work so I schlepped heavy wet clothes to the laundromat which was way less painful than I thought.Today: went into work. Got written up for Sunday's argument. Got my check for missing hours, hoping it doesn't bounce. Today is BestFriend's b-day. She's on her way to Vegas. I'm still thinking about quitting my job.

There you have it! The past 4 days of my life.

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