Thursday, August 9, 2007

When it rains, it pours

If yesterday was a blog title, it would be..Rain Debilitates City.

I awoke around 6am to roaring thunder and lightning that lit up the
entire house, and then after a dramatic climatic pausem it rained. Rain
turned into floods that took out the use of 6 major subway lines and
delayed the rest of the train system.

Saying no to working was not an option because we all know how broke I
am on an 80-hr paycheck...imagine te calamity of a 72hr one. So, I threw
on my favorite gray dress and stuck my keys in my bag, felt for my phone
(which I keep having to go back for) and set off to fsce the day. I
adjusted the boobage...and noticed...hey my hands are bronze. And then I
looked down and noticed, hey the front of my dress is brown. Shit!

Went back home, changed clothes and bags! And set out to brave the day.

The train ride was horrible. Sandwiched in with people as two ladies
decided to complain in my left ear, someone bookbag lodged in my back
and trying not to let my cute but clunky sandals step on the person's
toe in front of me.

After an hour and a half, cute and clunky sandals were killing my feet.
Not only was the train local, it jerked along, every 5 minutes, it
stopped because of congestion. Ugh!

Me, my sweat stains and hurt feet got to work an hour late, apologetic
to no one and really wishing I could afford to miss a day or two.

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