Friday, August 24, 2007

Should I slit my wrists now or later?

So...I get to work and am handed my paycheck which was supposed to be
the highlight of my day.
Money!!!! I only have to pay rent and a phone bill and be able to have
the rest of my check to myself...yayyyyy! I had plans witht his check. I
was going to take Afroman out to the movies, enjoy Margarita Monday, not
mooch off of my friends for the remainder of next week...ya know, normal

I open my check and

My face fell. I'm missing 16 hours. Anyone who works for a living can
tell you that missing hours sucks ass. What's worse is the assholes who
do the payroll "forget" to put in vacation/personal/sick time ALL the
time. Silly naive me thought that my situation would be different. They
wouldn't forget me. Because I'm special. Right.

Missing 16 hours of pay means that I can pay my rent and pay my phone
bill and not eat or go to work. Paying rent to the stepmother/landlord
is not an optional excercise. Paying my phone bill means they won't cut
it off.

What's worse is is that I tell my supervisor who I'm supposed to be
supercool with and she's like oh well...wait til next pay period. I
CAN'T! I Tell her I have to pay rent. After I do that I'll have $40 to
my name. She's like...welll....I'm sorry.

That's it.

I sit. I tell Gi. I'm about to cry.
I walk to the bathroom. I bawl.
It takes 5 maybe 10 minutes.

I come back. She's on me.
"Don't do that. Don't disappear and the only person who knows where you
are is Gi. I know you're upset but you can't do that."

I'm dumbfounded.

Maybe she thought that I walked out. Just said fuck this job and left.

Maybe I should've done that.
But no.
I sat there nodding my head, eyes glazed over drafting my resignation
letter in my head.
I'm totally fucked and broke. AGAIN.

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