Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crack Music

I had drinks with Gi last night. I was talking to Carter on the phone as she walked up to meet me.

She asked me who I was speaking to and I told her.

"Oh the one that didn't pay when you guys went out that time?"

I'd totally forgotten about that. Basically, we ended up getting food and he didn't have $$ to pay for his meal let alone mine, too. I paid for both of us. It was embarrassing. For both of us.

Gi thinks I should've cut him off then.

As we were eating, Gi tells me abt Ant, her boyfriend of 3 months who just got locked up last week for selling drugs.

I was shocked.

She described how he was selling at 1pm on Saturday afternoon. He did a weekend in Ryker's Island, a tough prison in NYC. He made it seem like he was using drugs instead of selling them and he may have to go to rehab instead of jail time. The same thing also happened in 2003, he admitted to her after the fact.

"Are you going to leave him alone?" I asked.

"If he doesn't stop."

He's not, I thought. So Gi would rather date a drug dealer than have me date a broke college student.

"He has too much baggage," she said about Carter.

"Why are you getting advice from Gi?" Twin asked me.

I thought about it. He was right.

There's that Kanye lyric where he was like..." How can a goddess take advice from a mere mortal. Oh em gee! You listen to that bitch?"

Her words were still swimming in my head when I came home. I got on v-chat with Carter. We talked about how women are fueled by emotions. It was a continuation of an earlier conversation we'd had. I looked at him. He is very easy on the eyes. I have no real desire to be with him. I see our interaction as a void-filler for both of us. We both want to sleep with each other. This is like an extended foreplay. I just have to keep that in mind.
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