Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please Stop the Music

I was tired, yet I allowed J to talk me into going to this magazine's launch party.

He was decked out in his leather pants and sweater. I was low-key, with no makeup on and a swipe of my new favorite lipstick. I had on leggings and flat shoes, white oversized button down shirt cinched at the waist with a skinny belt - nothing spectacular.

The party was held in the Meat Packing District which houses boutique stores of some heavy hitters, Dianne von Furstenburg, Alexander McQueen (R.I.P) and other high end brands. The club was something out of a movie. We walked in, a cute bouncer checked my ID, we walked past heavy black velvet curtains and down stairs.

The walls had mirrors on an angle. There was a place to take pictures. The bartenders were white shirtless model bad boys with tattoos decorating their chests. They had on low rise jeans and police hats. Further in the back, they had x rays in frames and some framed lights that changed colors with the beat of the music.

It was very white gay.
(There's a difference, lol)

The place was gorgeous and huge. We met and took pics with Mike Ruiz, the photographer for RuPaul's Drag Race. He's nice. He kept looking at my skin. :)

I met this drag queen who's not a drag queen (yea.) He's a man who likes to have a 12 inch weave, tips, and makeup but he wears boy clothes. He was nice.

The owner of the magazine walked up to me and said Niiiinaaaa XXX, my ballroom persona. He made a big deal about who I am in the ballroom world which was weird because I haven't competed since September '08. J kept laughing.

So.....Timmy Tock from the Jabawockiws from America's Best Dance Crew kept walking up to me complimenting me. Each time, he caressed my face. (I HATE when people touch my face!) This last time, he said, "I love you. I wanna take you home with me" and then BLAM, he kissed me on the lips!

I was in shock. I didn't speak for a minute as he sauntered away.


J looked at me and was like...what was that about? I said I didn't know but it was time to leave NOW.

As we were about to leave, we ran into HX. HX loves J and wants him to have sex with him. We took pictures and talked with him.

I found myself flirting with one of the bouncers after one of the gay dudes sashayed past him. He gave that dude the funniest look. I just have a thing about big dudes. Lol

There were girls dressed like Lady Gaga. No lie. One chick had blue pigtails and a huge bow on her head. Another chick had fishnets tights over her face but the black band didn't go over her lips making it difficult for her to talk. Both Gagas were dancing like robots. Weirdos.

This other guy had on a fur coat with no shirt on under it. Like a shaggy fur coat. With no shirt, leather pants and these necklaces. His red-haired female friend had the same thing on. There were a lot of people with interesting outfits.

We danced for a few songs when I realized...they haven't played any r&B, rap, or anything but techno/house. I was getting a headache. We decided to leave.

As we were leaving, we walked past the first bouncer.

"Hey, how tall are you?" I asked

"6'8," he said not even looking at me.

"I like that in a man," I said with all the boldness I could muster in my 5ft body.

He laughed.

We walked by the McQueen store, noticing the shoes in the window. They look like horse hooves. J wanted to get a closer look, not realizing there was an actual window in between him and the shoes. He hit the window soooo hard and then he fell back rubbing his head.

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! Yes, it may be cruel to watch your friend walk into a glass window, but as I sit here remembering it, I still laugh so hard!

J didn't have a jacket and I was still freezing in my leggings, we sprinted to the far, still laughing at J.

We zipped home. Good times.

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K♥ said...

Girl WTH??? He kissed you- ewww- what? um what? I have no other words...

Trish said...

Fur coats with no shirts? I bet towards the end of the night they were funky! Lol! Don't ask why I thought of that. Sounds like a very unique party!

Anonymous said...

interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.