Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Bleed Green Blood

Today was a long but productive day. I'm taking a class at church about dating. It was getting juicy when........

One of the guys on the security team told us we needed to evacuate. We had to take the stairs. Suddenly, 2 cops show up and walk us down. We go outside and there are cops everywhere, emergency services which is like the cops' version of an ambulance, cop cars and flashing lights.

We were told to go across the street and we watched in awe as cops walked in and out of the church.

They wheeled out someone in a body bag and then some hysterical woman came out screaming and yelling.

We were in complete disbelief.
Just moments prior, we were talking about relationships and there we were not believing our eyes.

No one would say anything to us to explain what was going on.
There was a rumor that one of the guys in the church who owns a beauty supply store had a hostage situation there and then he went missing.

One of the minister's wives confirmed there was a "situation" with him but nothing else is being said.

I'm completely freaked out.
I'm supposed to do the makeup for this guy's wedding in May. He's sweet and nice. I can't imagine him putting someone in a body bag or being in one.

I just dooooon't know.

So, I text BFF naturally, to let her know how I'm feeling.

She calls me. I'm half-way telling her the story. She cuts me off to tell me about a conversation she had about my facebook with her ex-husband.

I'm like, BFF, I'm telling you that I'm really upset about a situation and you cut me off to tell me about a FB friend request?

She apologizes.

I continue. She stops to yell a joke to whomever is in her house. I tell her I don't think she's serious.

She's like, "Sorry, I got sidetracked."

I tell her I'll call her back later.

I had the craziest feeling. We know danger surrounds us, especially in the city I live in...but for it to be that close...its nuts!

I was genuinely hurt by BFF's actions. She claims I never tell her how I'm feeling. In our 11 year friendship, she's never seen me cry...and I'm like.......ok, this is why. How can someone who gets your undivided attention when they talk about their love for sushi not even give you 60 seconds when you're talking about seeing a body bag come outside of your church?

What's that about?

Of course, here comes the BBM from Olu asking how I was doing. I said I was fine and then I didn't say anything after.

He's like, "Oh you not talking to me no more."

I said, "I've had a very long day. Don't feel like talking to anyone."

He said, "What happened?"

I said, "I just want to be left alone."

He said, "I'll leave you alone then. You have my number. Hopefully, you'll use it. "

I deleted him off BBM. I'm done. He's annoying.

With friends like mine, I thank God for blogs.
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jaded said...

I stopped talking to my bff of 10 years last September. Like you, I feel like I spent a lot of time trying to be a good friend. I tried to explain to her when she did shit that bothered me (bec what if she really didn't know??) Nothing ever changed. I wont say that I was a doormat, but the relationship wasn't reciprocal.

I finally told her that while I wasn't *mad* at her, we couldn't be friends like we'd been in the past. We're friends on facebook, but we never talk or anything.

I should miss her, but...I don't.

As for the body bag situation. Uhm. Did you hear anything in the newspaper about whats up? How scary.

Young woman on a journey said...

that is crazy. death and drama is always so near. its so sobering. have you found out anymore information.

i don't know what to say about BBF.