Friday, February 5, 2010

Party All the Time

Yesterday, I turned 24.
I've been struggling within myself on how to recount the story of what happened. For some reason, my brain isn't processing everything. I write most of the blog posts in my head and when your head is all jumbled, it's a bit challenging. It may take me a few days to write it out the way I want, but I need and will get it out the way I want it to.

I awoke to about 20 text/facebook messages, 5 missed calls and a bunch of twitter messages wishing me a Happy Birthday. I turned over expelling Jedi Mind signals to anyone who loved me to take me to IHOP. BFF called me. She decided to cut school and take me.

An hour later, we were having eggs and cheesecake pancakes. We were having a great time. I recycled my old MAC products for a new bright pink lipstick. The day flew by and it was 1:30 when I got home. I went to sleep and woke up at 3pm, hurried and panicked about time. J was driving me to the venue where the party was being held. He's always annoying trait all of my close friends share.

We arrived only 15 minutes late and began to set up.
I saw a girl I haven't seen since high school and an old junior high school friend who sang to me. It was great.

I notice that I am a very warm person. People respond to that with their own brand of warmth usually or they think they can get away with certain things. The caterer kept saying slick isht. I let it go most of the time but it was noted. By being warm, people automatically think they're your friend and they're not.

People started trickling in around 7:30.

Good things:
I was so surprised to see certain people. Like....Essequibo. He goes by another blog name but I will probably always call him Essequibo. He's mad cool. He and his lady friend are positively intriguing and I wish I could've spent the entire time chatting with them. They're awesome.

I also met another blogger who is such a dear. There were some really really good people.

I made a connection with a fashion designer and a photographer who may throw me some work. I need it. In all honesty, business needs to kick it up a bit or I'll need to find a job.

and...not so good things:
You ever feel like people want a piece of you?
I'm a very good judge of character (except when it comes to men, sometimes - don't judge me) and there were two people who annoyed the be-geezus out of me. One was a model whom I'd approached a while ago to do a photo shoot. She's very pretty and she has gorgeous hair. However, upon further inspection of her pics. she has no range of poses and she frowns a lot. Not cute. I never approached her again.

At the party, she kept asking me about the photo spread, even going so far as to request a 6-page spread. Excuse the eff outta me missy!

She asked to take a picture with me but I was pre-occupied with the other girl:

We worked together about 4 years back. I was so taken aback to see her. Do you know this chick pulled out her entire makeup bag and wanted me to do her makeup in the middle of the effing party? Like, at the bar with her entire makeup bag. O_O

I felt her pain about her makeup complaint but I'm sorry...that was OD.

So, as I'm putting the girl's stuff back in her bag, the first girl brings the photographer over and we take a picture. O_o

I get a FB email from a designer who is creating the first Que.ens F.ash.ion Week. You know this chick asked me to sponsor her event which is next week with either an 'in kind' donation of $200-$500, products or free makeup services. She ends it with "Good luck at your event tonight."

B-word, eff you! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hells Nawl!

You can't even show up to my FREE event to say hello but you have the gall to ask me for hundreds of dollars and free services???? To quote another artist, "My resources and time are valuable and precious to me."

Beat it.

Speaking of folks not showing up...I'd attended these 2 girls' events, giving them products for raffles and giftbags and they didn't even show...they didn't say a word to me. Not saying things should be tit for tat but don't say you're going to support and then don't. It may sound a little immature but I've supported these girls above and beyond, never missing one of their events. I'm done supporting those who do not support me and act like they're doing me a favor by supporting them. Kiss my whole beee-hind!

In fact, I had several kiss my behind moments:
like how is TD not going to return phone calls and such but wishes me happy bday on fb.
and how is diva going to say she has orders for me but doesnt come to the party
and how is it that Gi was on the street of the party but couldn't find it?

J told me to let it go and I'm trying.

More good stuff:

Archer showed up looking all...Archer-y. lol
I kept telling random people we were getting married in 3 years. He went along with it. So, good signs, right?

I kicked off my heels and was bouncing around.

Random good conversations with people. I looked around, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I met this other girl who wants to be a makeup artist. I'm going to make her model for me. She is gorgeous!! She kept saying that her gay male friend was there as her girlfriend. I was so slow, I literally asked the boy if he were a female to male transsexual. Slowness, lol.

SB bought me fox fur earmuffs which I can't wait to wear. He also bought me some Sasha Fierce sunglasses and a movie. Random gift but I will roll with it. No one else got me anything, lol.

The end of the night came and I found myself talking to Archer in the corner.

"All of your friends are artists," he said. I hadn't noticed but I guess it's true. I apologized for being so shameless in my flirting with him all night. He's used to it. He's an event planner. Women hit on him all the time.

I said, "Well, I guess I should be direct and ask you right out. Do you want to date me?"

He was surprised. O_O
I didn't understand...I'd been violating his personal space by hugging on him, playing in his hair and kissing his cheek and neck most of the night.

I was like, "Damn, you still didn't get it!?!"

He really didn't.

He said, "I'm a bad boy." I laughed saying I didn't believe it.
We started talking about God randomly. He said he's a Preacher's Kid who rebelled against the church the first chance he got. I told him part of my story.

"Well, I'd rather you be out of church and respect and believe in God than be in church and not feel anything." He nodded.

I told him I was craving balance, fearing my professional life was taking over my personal life and soon I wouldn't have a life or personality. I was looking for someone who understood entrepreneurship whom would also be worth taking time away from my business to have a relationship with them.

He told me that I shouldn't worry about dudes. Saying, "Build your empire, first. Worry about men later."

That was what he was doing. He said, he doesn't take women seriously. (clearly)
He said that he still liked the company of a woman (hint hint) but nothing was going to be substantial past that.(Damn! I'd picked a fine time to be celibate!)
I told him that I wasn't one to mince words. I don't say things I don't mean and that I would still like to get to know him.

He said he liked me as a person. That was all he could say at that point.

I wasn't disappointed at all. Oddly enough.

We left. J, BFF and I. I was starving. The only thing I'd eaten was the IHOP at 9am and cucpcakes throughout the night.

We hit up a McDonald's Drive-Thru. The double cheeseburger, nuggets and fries hit the spot with a cannon!

I ambled my way home. The last person I spoke to was JC. He's becoming a good person to know. He's funny and he has an interesting way of keeping me motivated. I fell asleep exhausted with a smile on my face.


Al said...

I missed the actual day.... but


Im glad you had what seems to be a pretty great day!

Young woman on a journey said...

it seems that you had a full bday celebration. lots of good moments. I hope business picks up soon! and yes, f outta here to the girl asking you to donate products/services.

Trish said...

What an eventful night! I'm glad you had a great time, you deserve it.

jadednomore said...

That sounded like soooooo much fun. Networking, and cupcakes and a birthday to boot??? What more could you ask for. :-)

tee said...

This post made me hungry above everything. :P Happy belated birthday!


Kofi Conde said...

It was a pleasure being in your presence for certain. We had a great time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...