Friday, September 14, 2007

Because I'm Awesome

Today, I am styling and profiling. Got my tunes turned up, my walk turned up, and I am the shhhhhhit. I can finally breathe through my nose and smell things. Wonderful.
I boogie down the street with my bagel and stylish purse in my hands and eeeek! My fly has fallen all the way down giving you a clear view of my purple panties. They kinda match but still..I don't know how long its been down for. Is that why the guys on the train were looking at me? I thought it was because I'm pretty. Is that why the bagel lady gave me a funny look? I work on the same street as Echo and those guys are always outside! Did they see me exposed!!
Stuff like that always happens to me. When I think I'm the shit, I always come out looking like el loseur.

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