Saturday, September 15, 2007

Moving on Up *hopefully*

There's an opening in the accounting department of our company. The person who closes driver's receipts needs help. I want to be it! I hate numbers, but they always add up with me, so that's not a problem. AND it would mean 9-5 Monday through Friday.


I get to wear jeans everyday. I wouldn't have to deal with people. I could listen to my ipod and type on my computer screen all day (yay!). I would have an actual chain of command order about things. I would probably be on the same pay scale, but it would be worth not getting a raise *almost*

So, I put in my notice, that I want it. There is no reason why I shouldn't get it. The head of accounting has to talk to the head of Customer Service. Unless he blocks me because my department would take a hit if I leave, I would be so mad. He's notorious for doing shit like that. Just when you thought it was safe to advance in the company, he's there to plant your ankles in cement.

But, I'm still hoping. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Swimming, swimming, swimming. :D

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