Sunday, September 23, 2007

How I'm Feeling Today (a musical perspective)

Brown Skin Lady - BlackStarr
I don't get many compliments, but I am confident
Used to have a complex about, gettin too complex
You got me, willin to try, looked me in the eye
My head is still in the sky, since you walked on by
I'm feelin high, got my imagination flickerin like hot flames
it's how it seems, you make me wanna ride the Coltrane to A Love Supreme
My brown lady, creates environments, for
happy brown babies, I know it sounds crazy
but your skin's the inspiration for cocoa butter
You provoke a brother we should get to know one another
I discover when I bring you through my people say TRUE, all I can say
is all praise due I thank you God for a beauty like you
o look just like you?
Dark stocking, high heels, lipstick, alla that
You know what?
Without makeup you're beautiful
Whatcha you need to paint the next face for
We're not dealin with the ? of standard beauty tonight
Turn off the TV and put the magazine away
In the mirror tell me what you see
See the evidence of divine presence
Women of the, Carribean, they got the, golden sun
I know women on the continent got it
Nigeria, and Ghana, you know they got it
Tanzania, Namibia and Mozambique
and Bothswana, to let it speak
about latinas, columbianas

Robin Thicke: Would that make you Love Me
If I wasnt who I was
If I wasnt me
Would u stand next 2 me in the street
If I changed my hair
Would u then be proud
If I ran round town with a different crowd
Would u be my baby
If I had more money
Would that make u love me more
Would that make u love me more

If I practiced a different religion
If I spoke my words differently
If I changed my tune 2 your favorite song
Would u wrap your arms around me
If I dug down deep 2 the bottom
Would u love me unconditionally
If I sound like u and we laugh the same
Would u mind if I hang around
Would that make u love me more
Would that make u love me more

If I came 2 u from a different place
Would my message finally be heard
If its just me and u and theres no one else
Would u see how much were the same
Would u be my lover
If I'm a different color
Would u be my brother
Would that make u love me more

Foo Fighters: The Pretender

What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one in your place
You're the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender?

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